France is the European country with the most campsites on its territory, as well as the second in the world, ranked just after the United States, since it welcomes 22 million campers each year. According to Statista “As of January 1, 2023, there were more than 861,103 campsites in France, spread over 7,432 sites. It can be seen that a high proportion of pitches and pitches are in 3 and 4 star campsites. We can observe that there are only 260 5-star campsites in France, which nevertheless have more than 97,500 pitches. But with the exceptional drought experienced by the French department, what is the future of campsites? Indeed, most of its accommodation is in the departments most affected by this climatic problem. Some municipalities have already implemented water restrictions, such as the ban on filling your swimming pool, or even the ban on watering your garden and vegetable patch.

On April 17, the French government launched a campaign to combat the drought affecting France. Entitled “Every gesture counts”, the main objective of this campaign is to encourage the French to save water. The actions indicated by the government are as follows: