This year, Spain broke the absolute temperature record for the month of April. With these hot winds arriving in France, France is already experiencing problems related to drought. This global warming has caused, among other things, the drop in the filling rate of groundwater.

“Solutions” are beginning to emerge, as is the case with the Garon’Amont project, which presents itself as a groundwater recharge project: “The objective is to reintroduce water into the water tables in winter and spring in order to maintain a high level of the Garonne during the summer season”, explains Sébastien Vincini, president of the Departmental Council.

However, they are not a miracle cure. This is why some municipalities have had to implement certain measures aimed at reducing water consumption. For example, they have introduced new rules concerning private swimming pools. Indeed, depending on the alert level of the departments (Vigilance, Alert, Enhanced Alert, Crisis), a fine ranging from 1,500 euros to 3,000 euros in the event of a repeat offense may be given to you if you do not comply with the rules of water restrictions. Filling your swimming pool can expose you to this fine in 16 French departments. Just like watering your garden, which concerns 18 departments.

What are they ? Find the list in our slideshow below.