Faced with inflation, every gesture counts. The tap that you turn off when brushing your teeth, not using the dryer in summer, turning off the light when you leave a room… These tips, although effective, seem a bit redundant: what to do, once done? Other recommendations, less common or, in any case less known, can make a difference on your energy bill.

According to the Observatory of Public Water and Sanitation Services (Eaufrance and SISPEA) 2021 report on 2019 data, the average annual water consumption for one person is 53.8m3, or 147 liters of water. water per day. What does this correspond to, concretely? According to an estimate from the Eau de Paris website, relayed by Sélectra, here is the average water consumption for 2 people in 2022:

The more the size of the household increases, the higher the bill is likely to be. To reduce the bill, think of the precious minutes of water you lose when, for example, you wait for the water in the shower to warm up. Rather than losing it forever in the siphon, why not put a bucket in your shower tray or bathtub to collect this clean and perfectly usable water? You can use it to water your plants, for example.