Wasps: which are the most aggressive in France?


Particularly active in summer, wasps are the terror of part of the population. Indeed, apiphobia, the fear of wasps, bees or hornets, affects many people in France.

It must be said that during the summer season, these insects are particularly present in our daily lives. At the beach, during a picnic, a barbecue or a simple family meal on the terrace, it is very common to have to deal with mystery guests, the wasps.

Attracted by protein and sugar, they come, as freeloaders, to enjoy the meal that stretches before their eyes. Meats, fruits, salads… They will appreciate your whole feast if they have the opportunity.

Despite their reputation as aggressive insects, wasps are still very useful to our ecosystem. As much as the bees, which on the contrary benefit from a rather positive reputation.

Indeed, like their cousins, wasps are pollinating insects that contribute to the development of biodiversity by foraging on certain flowers to collect their nectar.

In addition, they are great fly lovers and therefore help to regulate their population. As Curious! reports, a colony of wasps can consume about 4,000 flies in one summer.

Like many species, wasps are divided into several species that have different characteristics as well as a level of aggressiveness that can vary. Here is the list of the types of wasps present in France.