Wasps: the spray technique to scare them away.


It’s not so easy to enjoy a family meal outside… When wasps venture on homemade dishes, drinks and cakes. We often find ourselves having to cover our food in the middle of a picnic, in order to avoid accidentally swallowing one of these insects.

To make them clear off, there are no 36 ways. According to The trick, some powerful odors bother wasps terribly, who do not approach them. This is the case, for example, of cloves. Just drop a few in a bowl of water for the scent to keep those freeloaders away. In the same genre, burning ground coffee gives a similar result.

Finally, according to Maison

In addition, L’astucerie also recommends trying a certain natural technique to deter wasps from approaching.

This trick is harmless for our striped friends. It is only their instinct that expresses itself and pushes them to leave. Indeed, it would be enough to make them believe that it is raining. These insects, in order to protect themselves, will take refuge in their nest.

To accomplish this, get a spray bottle containing water. Spraying the wasps will wet them, telling them an outright lie: it’s raining. However, this liquid must not contain chemicals. These could be harmful to these important Hymenoptera. In addition, one to two sprays are enough. It’s not about drowning them.