Washing machine: do you know this hidden feature?


In France, millions of washing machines are sold each year. But this very practical household appliance must imperatively be maintained in order to function efficiently and durably.

UFC Que Choisir thus recommends cleaning your washing machine once a month, by launching a program at 60°C, empty. The drum should also be descaled regularly and the water inlet filters cleaned.

Another element must be polished scrupulously if we want our washing machine to keep all its efficiency: the detergent drawer. You have this drawer where you pour detergent and softener, and which tends, over the use of your machine, to become quite dirty.

Often, the liquids tend to become encrusted on its walls, and the tank, clogged, scales up: mold can then appear, and be accompanied by unpleasant odors.

The problem is that the recesses of this element are often difficult to access, and it is therefore by no means easy to scour it.

Unless you know about this “hidden” function!

Indeed, your laundry hatch most certainly has, above one of the product compartments, a kind of push button. This device has a very specific use: it allows you to completely remove the drawer from the device, to clean it thoroughly, indicates comment-economiser.fr.

The principle is simple: open your tray, and lightly press the button. Pull the element slightly towards you: it separates from your machine!

This part is usually removable, and you can remove it while scrubbing. For effective cleaning, you can put the tray in the dishwasher, or clean it by hand, with Marseille soap or with a little white vinegar.

Your washing machine will be sparkling on all sides, and your laundry will be even more successful.