Kurt Cobain was jealous of Dave Grohl’s emotional stability, according to Nirvana biographer Michael Azerrad, who shared the sentiment this week on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast.

In 1993, a year before Kurt Cobain’s death, Michael Azerrad published Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana. An improved version of this biography will appear in October.

In the original book, the biographer said that Kurt Cobain once called a guitar passage composed by Dave Grohl on the song Scentless Apprentice, from the album In Utero, “boneheaded.”

Asked about this passage, Michael Azerrad admits to having found this remark “a little condescending”. According to him, if Kurt Cobain made fun of Dave Grohl, it is partly because the latter is… “normal”. “He’s a popular, stable guy – he really is,” he said. Cobain is said to have once called Grohl “the most emotionally stable boy (“well-adjusted boy”) in the entire world.”

The former manager of Nirvana, Danny Goldberg, has also already mentioned the “touch of envy” between the two members of the group, recalls the magazine NME. Cobain, “competitive”, recognized according to him the great singing talent of Grohl, who was drummer for the group Nirvana.