Want to Carry Your Kid’s Artwork Everyday? Make It into Jewellery


A childrens drawing made into jewellery is all the craze these days, and how can it not be? Children make the best artworks and drawings, even if sometimes we do not understand what they made. Making them into cute little pieces of jewellery, either for you or for them, just makes their masterpieces more special and permanent. If you have a child who is fond of drawing, you can pick out your favourite and have a jeweller make it into a pendant or a charm.

Great as gifts 

Besides you and your child, you can also gift their grandparents a piece of jewellery whose design is from their drawing. We know how grandparents love their grandkids so much to the point of spoiling them. They will love the gift more than anything. Having something from their grandchildren is a sure-fire way of making them the happiest folks.

Miniature versions 

If you cannot choose whether to make it into a piece of jewellery for yourself, for your child or their grandparents, why not have one made for each of you? You can wear them at the same time, and your child will surely feel proud of their masterpiece if they see it worn by their most favourite people in the world.

Timeless remembrance 

A timeless remembrance is something that we all want to have. What better way than a drawing by your child turned into a necklace pendant, a bracelet charm or a ring topper? What’s great about this kind of jewellery is that it is totally unique; only you have it and other people you give it to. No one else will have it but you and other family members. You will also remember the time when your child made the drawing, and the happy memories that time evokes. It beats having an expensive diamond encrusted jewellery that you only bought in the store and did not have any significant meaning. It may not be as expensive as diamonds or pearls, but it is way more memorable and special than those two precious stones combined.

Unique conversation piece 

When people see you sporting a unique piece of jewellery, it instantly becomes a topic for conversation. You may even inspire others to have their kids’ drawings made into jewellery too.

Make one 

If you are a jewellery maker that makes conventional pieces of jewellery, you can try this trend, and start receiving orders from proud parents who want to immortalise their children’s beautiful drawings. You can make them into gold, silver or platinum jewellery, and see the happiness in the parents’ faces when you turn their orders in. It is a much better reward to see satisfied clients than simply receive money.

Now that you have an idea on what you can do with your child’s drawings, you can start looking for a jewellery maker. One tip: make sure that you or your child are not allergic to the metal that you want to use for the jewellery.