(New York) The New York Stock Exchange fell on Tuesday, on the eve of a Fed decision and new inflation data, while the bond market and the dollar benefited from uncertainties in Europe.

The Dow Jones index fell 0.75%, the NASDAQ fell 0.09% and the S

US bond yields, which move in the opposite direction to the bond price, fell to 4.44% from 4.46% the previous day, showing interest from global investors in safe values.

“The tone is a bit risk-avoidant,” commented Steve Sosnick of Interactive Brokers. “By being global, the US Treasury bond market attracts flows towards safety” given “the nervousness” of European markets after the elections, the analyst told AFP.

“Investors fear that a right-wing shift […] in the European Parliament could undermine the EU’s economic integration efforts, jeopardize climate gains and force Europe to get tougher on trade,” said Art Hogan of B. Riley Wealth Management.

While European markets were in the red, the dollar also played its role as a safe haven.  

The greenback inflated significantly against the euro for the second consecutive session. Around 10:20 a.m. EST, the European currency was down 0.39% at $1.0723 per euro.

The stock indices returned from their records the day before for the NASDAQ and the S

 The Dow Jones was particularly affected with banking heavyweights like American Express (-2.13%), Goldman Sachs (-1.71%) and JPMorgan (2.55%) falling heavily.  

Investors are tense as the consumer price index for May in the United States will be published on Wednesday shortly before the end of the monetary meeting of the central bank (Fed).

The market has no doubt that the Federal Reserve is leaving rates unchanged at their highest level in more than twenty years.

But the Fed must publish new forecasts and investors are watching for any indication of future rate cuts. Not to mention President Jerome Powell’s press conference.

As for inflation, analysts forecast that consumer prices rose 0.1% in May to remain at 3.4% year-over-year, according to MarketWatch.

On the value side, the eleven sectors of the S

Boeing lost more than 2%, General Electric -1.19%, IBM -1.73%.

Nvidia, the AI ​​chip specialist, remained unfazed (0.08%).

Apple, which had lost almost 2% the day before, soared 3.16%. The group announced the launch of Apple Intelligence, a new system for optimizing the use of its devices, from iPhone to Mac, thanks to generative artificial intelligence (AI) operated in partnership with OpenAI.

Apple Intelligence will be featured in the new version of the iOS 18 operating system.

Consumer credit group Affirm, which allows consumers to pay for purchases in installments, climbed 5.16%. The stock benefited from the announcement that its deferred payment services will be offered next year on Apple Pay, Apple’s payment service.

The automaker General Motors gained 0.83% after raising its dividend by 33% and launching a $6 billion share buyback program.