Tom Waes may have come under fire for a photo shoot in which he is on track, the actor, throws the ball back to the spoorwegbeheerder its mission. As well, they are, according to him, is not all the way flush against the bone. To his frustration, he had free reign while In the Vlaeminck at the Studio, Brussels, belgium. “A lot of times I am, or the bull’s-eye, or am I responsible because I am a role model to have,” said Tom Waes.

The photograph, on which the criticisms of its mission focus. Photo: ZEB

In the photo are walking in a its deadly serious, Tom Waes, with its eye moving forward. For him, there is a great scenery to be seen up in the mountains. The focus should be on his garments, as the photo shoot is one of a chain of shops, ZEB. However, the majority of people will look at what is happening under his feet, is a railroad.

And that came earlier this week, spoorwegbeheerder its mission to the chest. She responded immediately, sharply, and demanding that the clothing retailer in the series was not going to use it. “We are very much into public awareness. It is sad and disappointing that we have provided at the end of a campaign is to be confronted with the images of the Waes that the trace is running. That’s a bad example,” was it at Infrabel spokesman Frédéric Petit.

“We have therefore today (Wednesday, ed.) with the management of the Waes, and, with ZEB, with a demand for the images to be deleted.”

Error “signal, but…”

But, Waes, his response may sound very different in an interview on radio station Studio Brussel in the program, To Vlaeminck. “The photo is, indeed, an error in the signal. However, to nuance the picture was taken in Norway, on the railway, where every hour is a tourist train at a five-per-hour up ahead. But apart from that it was a wrong example.”

However, there are also with him for quite a bit of frustration behind it. “Normally, when the real outrage is the order you have to call me, explain the situation, and then I have to go to ZEB, making a call with the message that the photo will be removed. The order in which its mission is solved, is this: our campaign will not be looked at, we are looking for a picture of a well-known Flemish person on a railway line and make a call to the press. This is new and it’s been one week at the top,” says the televisiegezicht.

“then Again, I don’t understand the message behind it. Spoorlopen is a dangerous one, and that you don’t have to do that, we had to be there, it might be better to think about. But the practice that bothers me. They can make a campaign in my head, at the head of the Karen Being, or that of Matthias Schoenaerts,” says Waas, referring to the shooting on the tracks.

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