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Masks, safety distance, do not touch objects of the property, individual visits to… agencies, clients and homeowners are aware of the need to minimize the risk of contagion. In this situation, the real estate sector strong bet for virtual tours or guided tours online where the buyer can obtain all the details of the property from the sofa of your home.

Jesus Duke , president of Alpha real Estate , explains that the landfill has been forced to use existing technology in the sector, but underused on many occasions: “Video calling, videoconferencing, virtual visits… already existed. Not opens a new door because it was already there, but now all the cross over to face a new scenario”.

Duke points out that these virtual visits or tours are the most effective way to avoid to the maximum the possibility of contagion, especially in those houses where still reside the owners. However, precise in addition to protection and avoid unnecessary travel, are you a 80 or 90% more effective . “We talked about a potential buyer that has passed through all the filters: a virtual tour, has conducted a videoconference with the real estate agent or with the seller, he has resolved his doubts and, when he decides to go see it, it is already quite clear. More transparency is impossible. It is a “win to win” between the buyer, seller and real estate”, sentence.


Videovisita is the new Idealist to display virtual real estate in a personalized way. Real estate professionals are moving to the housing, and the show live from its interior.

customers can visit through your computer or electronic device , ask all the questions that will arise and abound in details as they may consider necessary to know about the property as if they were there. The application enables multiple people can be connected at the same time and from different points.

Pablo Álvarez Helmets , chief technology officer of Idealist, “although the social distance and restriction of movement put in value the development of this type of tools that encourage the visit of the houses without the need to travel, there is no doubt that are here to stay , with which we will work from now on and are an advantage both for the people who are looking for a new home for the real estate professional”.

Holapisos also with virtual tours with a real estate agent. Its operation is simple: those who want to make an appointment with the agent only have to make a phone call to the professional to connect to the tour, show them the different spaces of the property and resolve your doubts and comments. If the users are satisfied with the visit, they can book it for a week until able to make a second visit face-to-face. “The digitization is not an innovation, but a reality by which, in our case, we have opted, many years ago. This has allowed in extraordinary circumstances have been able to maintain the rhythms of marketing a higher-than-expected,” says Paco Campos , director of the real Estate Area of Anticipated Real Estate.

But also push innovations such as the proposed Garantify with your cabins immersive virtual able to transfer to the customer the inside of the building without leaving the agency. Called “Yubego” , they are easily installed thanks to its design plug&play and offer recordings and broadcasts in 360 degrees . “It allows you to browse not only the interior of the housing with all luxury of detail, but the common areas. An augmented reality experience, which can be shared with family and friends, as if it were a real route,” explains Sergio Gonzálvez , responsible for this project, for whom this new technology “crosses the line of the pandemic, because they were designed for greater comfort and, above all, to avoid displacement and to save CO2 and reduce pollution. A tool with technology designed to improve the future of real estate”, sentence Gonzálvez.