Visit at Swiss Tennis in Biel – The big test of patience – and a tip against FedererIm National performance centre in Biel is again trained fully. The Fed Cup players and the best Junior in recall race horses, the last one in the trap.René Stauffer0 comment finally back to Tennis, even if it is only a training game: The Zurich-Viktorija Golubic in Biel deep in the knee. Photo: Christian Pfander/Tamedia AG

ACE, forehand winner, stop the ball – Game. Jil Teichmann clenches the fist. Shortly thereafter, you must allow yourself a serve of their Fed Cup colleague Stefanie Vögele happen. On the Court next to Dominic Stricker and Davis Cup player, Jakub, Paul, meanwhile, intense practice to to to counter heavily undercut backhand balls with a Longline Forehand. On the seven open-air sites of the Swiss Tennis performance centre in Biel the same in football and ice hockey stadium on Tuesday under the bright June work sun hard. The level of like, the Motivation is palpable.

Almost nothing reminds on the first sight of the Corona-crisis, due to the entire system of 17. March to 11. May remained closed. On the second, however, Before you are allowed to in the morning to the place, will be measured in all athletes, fever. Always disinfectants are used, Handshakes are taboo, instead of in double – rooms and the living talents in individual, and all meals are taken in the Restaurant, where there is more space available than the above in the shared kitchen with a dining room.

Also in the conversations at the edge of the Courts, the pandemic is still omnipresent. No one knows properly how and when to continue, when international assignments are possible. “It feels a little like being in a waiting room,” says Jil Teichmann in a station, in which no one knows when the next train departs. “But even harder for the first eight weeks were. After all we can do is wait now active, and our Tennis,” says the two-time tournament winner and world number 63.

“learned The normal life” to know

Until the end of July are exposed to the international Circuits. “We were told by the WTA Tour, it’s the beginning of August,” says Viktorija Golubic. The 27-year-old from Zurich, trained at the moment regularly in Biel, usually with Teichmann. Set to embark lives now in train and has your training base in Barcelona for your Coach, Alberto Martin, because of the restrictions, you can’t train but currently in Spain and have to rely on telephone Coaching.

As Belinda Bencic, who is spending the holidays at the moment, the time for your friend in Bratislava, see also Teichmann, Vögele and Golubic good sides to this forced break. “Eight weeks without Tennis, I had never yet,” says Teichmann, as a 22-Year-old, the youngest of the three Fed Cup match in Biel. “The positive thing was that I was able to learn the normal life, not always under a lot of Stress as it is.” But she didn’t want to sugarcoat it all: “The Situation was unusual and sometimes hard.”

Posing in a break from training: The Fed-Cup players Stefanie Vögele, Jil Teichmann and Viktorija Golubic (from the left) in the center of the Swiss Tennis in Biel.Photo: Christian Pfander/Tamedia AG

Also Viktorija Golubic (WTA 123) enjoyed it, not always pack up and leave to have to be longer at home and “to have a full fridge”. The Sensitivity to Stefanie Vögele (109) refined the meantime, your cooking skills and took the opportunity “once again to clean up properly”. As for lost time, do not consider this weeks says Golubic. “There is always something to improve and to develop.” Before adding: “I don’t want to name any names, but I don’t feel as a Top-10 player, did not win 37 Grand Slam tournaments and no longer needs to train.” Is addressed to Roger Federer, who had declared that he could see at the moment no sense to train. “I believe that everything you invested in it pays off eventually,” says Golubic.

patience-the abruptly interrupted season 2020 for the oldest Swiss juniors, of which four are in the Top 25 in the world rankings. “It was a bit of a shock,” says the Bernese Stricker, as a number 10 at the moment best classified. “In the meantime, we are trying for a long time, to make the Best of it. It all goes to you.” While Jérôme Kym can also compete in 2021 is still in the juniors, are Stricker, Leandro Riedi and Jeffrey von der Schulenburg brought the Chance to gain valuable experience on the Junior Grand-Slam tournaments (should take place in the US Open, there would be competitions not expected to be Junior).

fish and “Brändi Dog”

“In this time I learned many things for the normal life,” says Stricker. For the first time, he had to take responsibility and to exercise, without that it is always someone driving. On the other hand, he enjoyed the long-time owner, the time with family in large. The fishing on the lake of Thun or the game nights at the “Brändi Dog”, a kind of “more haste, less speed”. “For us juniors, it is not as difficult as it is for the adults to keep the Motivation,” says Stricker, who is working on a KV-statements. “After all, we still have everything in front of us.” Already the week after next he can ride again national tournaments in the best, in the summer he will go on to compete in two Interclub teams: with the TC tuna in the NLB, and then with a view of the lake in the NLA. “The competition feeling I miss the most,” says Stricker.

Dominic Stricker, the best-ranked Swiss Junior and number 10 in the Junior world rankings, that runs through the Forehand: The Bernese left-handed trained and lives in the National performance centre.Photo: Christian Pfander/Tamedia AG

the Tennis to-day life soon returns back to you, after all the longing. For the Professional players but it is also about financial issues. “We live from Tennis, but at the moment nothing comes in,” says Teichmann. “Most sponsors’ contracts have performance clauses, and new sponsors are not found at the moment.” Although you have less spending, “but housing, insurance, food, and the whole Team, you have to pay anyway”.

“Something that Federer doesn’t know”

Golubic wishes that at least the in the autumn of suspended French Open may still take place. Too big hopes, don’t do it, but, “otherwise, I’m just disappointed”. As Jil Teichmann also you need to learn this year, to take day for day, week for week. “Three months ago, was still inconceivable that the whole world comes to a standstill,” says Teichmann.

Biel instead of Barcelona: Jil Teichmann can’t train because of the restrictions in the Corona-break is currently in Spain with your Coach. Photo: Christian Pfander/Tamedia AG

Golubic could possibly live in order to play without spectators, what is for Teichmann is a terrible idea. “To WTA play in tournaments we sometimes match in front of 20 or 100 people,” says the Zurich-born. And again your thoughts to Federer, who recently mentioned walking, he would prefer not to compete even in front of no spectators. “Well, this is something he does not know. For a top player like him has to be a disaster.”

But now you must the two. On set to embark lunch is waiting for the Zurich-the physical training.

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