In 2021, Virginie Efira was one of the stars of Benedetta by controversial filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, presented in particular at the Cannes Film Festival. A feature film in which the actress plays an Italian nun who secretly burns with desire for another woman in the convent in the 17th century.

Invited on June 22, 2021 in Daily to promote the film Benedetta, the Belgian actress spoke behind the scenes of the filming, marked by the sex scenes she shot in the film. “From the moment we shoot with Verhoeven, we imagine that it will not be completely the countess of Ségur”, she indicated, specifying. “He is a filmmaker who is interested in showing what is behind the gestures, behind the bodily choreography […] Me, I am interested as a spectator, suddenly as an actress too, if it is a director who knows how to film it”, she says about the director of Basic Instinct.

The sublime forties also confided in the intimate scenes she shared with actress Daphne Patakia who plays Bartolomea, the woman for whom the heroine feels desire. “We had very strong intimate scenes and it turned out extremely (…) I don’t even want to say respectful, it’s so obvious when someone is intelligent” .

In an interview with Madame Figaro, the companion of Niels Schneider evoked without any taboo his relationship with nudity during his career. “No one will ever take from me what I don’t want to give. I know where I place my modesty. For example, kissing someone in a movie seems more intimate to me than being naked. At the start of my career, I almost crossed a spatiotemporal fault for the kissing scenes… With Paul Verhoeven, there is not only an extreme benevolence, but also an enthralling reflection on the power of the body of women, their desire, their pleasure”. As evidenced by the images of the trailer for the film Benedetta, to rediscover this Monday, May 22, 2023 on France 2 from 10:55 p.m.