Virginie de Clausade is a real child of TV. It must be said that this Franco-Belgian actress, host and writer is the niece of Hervé Hubert de Shelby de Clausade, a famous television producer. It is therefore no coincidence that the pretty blonde began her career on the small screen after having been immersed in the audiovisual world all her youth.

It was at the age of 20, in 2001, that Virginie de Clausade was spotted taking the lead female role in the comedy of the Unknowns, The Three Kings. After a first notable appearance in the film by Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan, the actress continued her career on the small screen where she made appearances in the series Julie Lescaut, Commissariat Bastille and SOS 18. A few years later, she turned to the ‘ animation and will integrate the band to Ruquier by becoming a columnist in the program We have tried everything on France 2. In parallel, she takes her first steps on the radio, always with Laurent Ruquier, in On va s’gêner on Europe 1. But viewers certainly remember this jack-of-all-trades in her role as co-presenter of Children of TV with Arthur on TF1. A program that she will lead for four years. For the front page, Virginie de Clausade will also co-host, in 2012, the first season of the TV show The Voice, in tandem with Nikos Aliagas before being replaced by Karine Ferri.

Since leaving The Voice, the host has stepped back from film sets to pursue another of her passions: writing. Already the author of three books published from 2008 to 2010, Virginie de Clausade now writes screenplays for various productions, publishing in 2016 her fourth book, De noise et de fureur. A book dedicated to the last moments of Thierry Le Luron, famous comedian of the 70s and 80s, which she was able to write thanks in particular to notes, diaries and letters held by her own uncle, Hervé Hubert, who was a manager and producer. of the comedian.

In 2017, in full motion “

Invited in It starts today, broadcast on January 31, 2023 on France 2, Virginie de Clausade made new revelations about her private life. In this issue dedicated to addictions, the former TV host returned to her addiction to codeine. An addiction that started very early in his childhood.

“It happened in spurts. I had these drugs when I was little. I started taking them at the age of twelve,” she told Faustine Bollaert and the guests. His adolescence was marked by this addiction for four years. As she mentions later. “At twelve, I understood that it was still nice. But, I didn’t take it every day. When there was, I took. And, when there was the box, I finished the box Until I was 16, I stayed with this opportunistic consumption”.

Then Virginie de Clausade recognizes that her addiction was facilitated by access to low-cost drugs in pharmacies. “And one day, I understood that it was over the counter at the pharmacy and that it was not expensive”, before specifying. “Today it’s on prescription, fortunately”. Thanks to the intervention of a doctor and her personal awareness, the mother is now sober and no longer takes this type of medication.