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Vinicius was, once more, the man who made the difference within the field. This guy has something. Does not shoot well, it should improve the centre, but their raids to destroy opponents and cause goals or penalties. He was the player that decided the leadership of Real Madrid.

The white club called for the lead at Anoeta, and Zidane aligned to James and Vinicius in the eleven holder. The colombia has accused the lack of pace. The brazilian took the opportunity to ask any fixed place in the eleven. Was the man a determinant of the party.

do Not shoot well, their centres must improve, but your speed benching opponents and his dodging the broom. Has something, different, end-to-end the old-fashioned way in a football laboratory tactical where no longer supported ends

The entry of Vinicius in the alignment meant the rest initial Hazard. And the kid was the best. His speed and dribbling electrifying signed the quality of the meeting. Nothing more to start he had the first option in goal, but insisted on shooting with the right leg that has defined their four goals, and that auction was for the left foot. The second opportunity, a move individual, all over the place Remiro.

The boy was who put the sauce in a duel and at the third was the charm. Was planted again before Remiro and Llorente made it a penalty that Estrada Fernández pointed out.

Splendid the “performance” of the brazilian to Anoeta, which broke the band and led to the penalty kick for the 0-1. It is the player that does something different, that makes the difference, the one that puts speed to the old-fashioned way, a guy who dares to be extreme in a football that makes them disappear .

Ramos, the launcher kicks more secure, scored the 0-1 (twenty hit consecutive from eleven meters) and beat Koeman, with 68 goals, as the second advocacy director of the League (Iron made 105). But the captain received a hard hit, nothing more removed from downtown and its replacement generated the concern of his team. Hurt the knee. “I think that is a blow, nothing more,” said Zidane.

The game is defined by the escapades of Vinicius, and the change of Ramos provoked the reaction of the Royal Society, who wanted to find weaknesses in the defense visitor. The Real Madrid sought the tickle the premises in a backlash that finished off Benzema. It was his twenty-second goal of the course , the seventeenth in the League. The French had controlled the ball with the shoulder, an action classic from the front. Real Madrid reached the leadership strength of quality.