– Vincent Kompany (33) during the Anderlecht matches against Waasland-Beveren and Charleroi, and, perhaps, even the national football team against San Marino, and the united kingdom. Of opspelende hamstring injury, it was no echo, but when the purple-and-white, they will know that he is a few weeks, you will need to take a rest. Risk-taking is eliminated.

as For Anderlecht, they had a day off after the long and 2-3-bekerwinst at Beerschot. Nevertheless, it had Vincent Kompany, his hamstring is still not thoroughly. With a muscle injury, has an ultrasound scan one day after the fact, it makes little sense, since there is still fluid around the injury properly. So, there will only be more clarity to come in.

Superficial investigation, however, all of that, the hamstring injury of Kompany is not as bad as the tiny little crack that the players and the manager for a little over four weeks ago, it advanced into Belgium. It’s not the same hamstring that re-opspeelde, but for now, it’s most likely to get a contracture.

the Medical risks

now, that doesn’t mean That Anderlecht will soon be back on the Red Devil’s have to charge. Against Beerschot decided to Kompany that he is on the kick stand. He knew, however, that there is a medical risk to relapse, but he said he wanted his ailing team, definitely help. After 25 minutes it was all over, and it was.

This time, – Vince-The-Prince is less of a risk to take, however, before he again makes its appearance. Only when his injury is fully healed, he will be (systematically) to resume printing. This means that the purple-and-white, him, Sunday, will have to miss at Waasland-Beveren, and that’s it for the game against Charleroi next Friday with a cross on them. That’s a spanner in the works for the purple-and-white, for 5 to 24 have the discussion and the points are much-needed. A little bit at staartploeg Waasland-Beveren (belgium), is not permitted under any circumstances.

It is not the Devil?

Kompany’s injury is, in principle, also be bad news for head coach Roberto Martinez. The Red Devils are playing at the beginning of October of two european CHAMPIONSHIP-kwalificatiematchen at home against San Marino (10/10) and from italy (13/10), and also scored the defender is likely to miss out on. The Devil will be in the defensieleider or just not to miss out on Anderlecht. The national team, with 15 on 15 at the top of their european CHAMPIONSHIP kwalificatiepoule.

for More about RSC Anderlecht, Huisanalist Jones Most about his reception at Beerschot, the bekerexit of Cercle Brugge, and with the bright degradatiestrijd this weekend, the bad Luck continues for Anderlecht, after Vincent Kompany is, He Saelemaekers while out of RSC Anderlecht and establishes as a civil party in the investigation, Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven, with an eye on potential compensation to Our Anderlecht-checking The Geril: “He was Saelemaekers had Vincent Kompany from his chair, and let it fall. On-the-wrong-way”