Over the years, the Telethon has become an unmissable annual event on television. Since 1987, the French Association against Muscular Dystrophy (AFM) has been fighting for the recognition of diseases neglected by public authorities and poorly understood by doctors and researchers. Like every first weekend of December, the hosts of France Télévisions, artists, researchers and doctors are mobilizing to put on a show and talk about the progress of research, and this for 30 hours of broadcast in a row. In 35 years of existence, certain personalities have, at their expense, offered great moments of live television.

The sequence made the rounds of bloopers. In 1996, François Feldman performed his title “Joue pas”. Carried away by the atmosphere, the singer invited the public to get up to sing with him. “Everyone stand up,” he said. However, part of the audience is made up of children in wheelchairs. Quickly realizing his blunder, the artist tries to catch up by completing his sentence with a “over there”, while indicating the public located on the balcony. Twenty years later, one of the young singers of the group Kids United makes the same error as the former glory of the top 50 by also inviting the public to stand up.

In a completely different style, in 1989, Claude Sérillon unexpectedly received the actor Michel Boujenah on the set. While the latter tries to recount his health problems during his childhood, the journalist cracks and the two go into a fit of laughter for several minutes.

In our slideshow below, (re)discover five funny and embarrassing sequences that marked the Telethon in videos.