Unexpected Collision at Canadian Grand Prix

Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly found themselves in a collision at the start of the Canadian Grand Prix, resulting in Gasly’s Alpine car spinning. The race proved to be a tough one for Red Bull, with one driver eliminated in Q1 and the other encountering issues during the session. Unfortunately, Perez’s troubles continued during the main race as well.

Starting in P16, Perez struggled with visibility due to the spray from cars ahead in the wet conditions. In an attempt to overtake Gasly, Perez made contact with the Alpine, causing it to spin and briefly sending Perez off track.

Before the race began, heavy rain fell, prompting most drivers to opt for intermediate tires. However, the Haas cars decided on full wet tires. As the track started to dry, the Haas cars made a pit stop for intermediates, while Perez continued to struggle with the wet sections. Despite having a fast car, Perez remained in fifteenth place and communicated his difficulties to the Red Bull team.

With the possibility of rain returning later in the race, Perez faced the challenge of securing crucial points for Red Bull in Montreal. He hoped to improve his position but knew that the unpredictable weather could make for a challenging and lengthy race ahead.