Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel Goes Viral at Mall of America

Delhi, India – June 10, 2024: A video of Twiggy, an eastern grey squirrel, water skiing at the Mall of America has taken the internet by storm. The adorable squirrel was seen wearing a swimsuit and balancing on a small remote-controlled boat as it glided effortlessly across the water.

The video, which has garnered a whopping 9.8 million views on Twitter, shows Twiggy completing the water skiing without losing balance, showcasing its impressive skills in the water sport. Social media users were quick to react to the clip, with one user jokingly commenting, “Best part, he works for peanuts.”

Twiggy, Inc. is a family business run by Toni Marie Tedesco, 36, and her husband, Chuck Best Jr, 41. The current Twiggy is the fourth squirrel to be trained in water skiing by the couple, following in the footsteps of Chuck Best Jr’s parents who rescued the original Twiggy in 1978.

According to Toni Marie Tedesco, Twiggy’s training has been ongoing for two years, with the squirrel displaying remarkable talent and agility on the water. The viral video has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, showcasing the unique bond between humans and animals in the world of water sports.

As Twiggy continues to make waves online, the remarkable squirrel has proven that with dedication and training, anything is possible – even for our furry friends in the animal kingdom.