WATCH YOUR STEP ! Each year, candidates for the Miss France election shine in the spotlight in the hope of winning the national title. But this 2023 edition is no exception to a fundamental rule: watch carefully where you step when descending a staircase.

And, one of the 30 contenders for the crown learned it the hard way, this Saturday, December 17 on TF1. After the presentation of the portraits of the regional Misses, the candidates paraded in split pink evening dresses in front of the public, the jury and the viewers. However, one of them stumbled at the top of the stairs before barely catching herself.

If the sequence was only shown furtively on the screen, several Internet users missed this scene (at 1h24 and 48 in replay, editor’s note) which went almost unnoticed. “Ptdr there was a fall and nobody talked about it?”, “Why did nobody tell me who had had a fall”, “But no, there was a fall, nobody told me”, exclaimed some individuals on Twitter. Other viewers, with a sharper eye, did not miss the slide. “We have our fall of the evening”, “I hope that the Miss who fell this year did not hurt herself too much”, they reacted on the social network.

While the hypotheses are going well, Internet users have sought the identity of the Miss who has lost her balance. French Riviera? Burgundy? After multiple freeze frames, it is actually Miss Roussillon – Chiara Fontaine – the candidate who stumbled on the stage of the M.A. CH 36 in Châteauroux. Not enough to disturb the young woman of 20, qualified in the top 15 among the semi-finalists.

At the end of the election, Guadeloupe Indira Ampiot was crowned Miss France 2023 against Northerner Agathe Cauet, her first runner-up. The sublime 18-year-old Métis succeeds Diane Leyre, who almost stumbled at the end of the ceremony by joining the winner on the front of the stage. “Mdrr Diane she almost fell during her election, and when she had to go to Miss France 2023, she will have finished in style”, summed up this Internet user with humor.