VIDEO. Loana on the verge of amputation: she reveals the images of her operated hand


Troubles keep coming for Loana. For several weeks, the first winner of Loft Story has been going through a complicated period. And, health issues are piling up for the former reality TV star who had to be hospitalized recently, as blogger Aqababe revealed exclusively on December 11 on Instagram.

“Loana was hospitalized yesterday at the Saint-Jean clinic in Cagnes-sur-Mer. She had a ring stuck on her finger for three weeks and she couldn’t remove it, her finger was borderline necrotic”, he published in his short-lived story, adding. “Since her treatment at the clinic, they have all taken very good care of her in order to save her finger”.

If fans of Jean-Edouard’s former conquest were worried about his state of health, the ex-candidate spoke on social networks. This December 20, the forties confirmed the words of the young blogger by publishing a photo of his right hand operated and surrounded by a bandage. “This is the state of my hand, I was very scared,” she confessed to her followers, as evidenced by the photo below.

On the same day, Loana Petrucciani published a video before her operation where we discover her ring stuck around her red and swollen index finger. “That was before the operation,” she wrote without providing further details. If Steevy Boulay’s friend came very close to amputation, the shocking images especially made Internet users react on Instagram.

“How can you leave a finger in this state”, “I especially wonder who lets their finger become necrotic like that when it swells and you wear a ring, because it clearly doesn’t date from the same day…”, ” No, but already when do we put this on the networks?”, they wondered while other fans showed their support. “I hope you’re fine! Don’t listen to these slanderous comments, take care of yourself, I kiss you”, “… Take care of yourself Loana, you must have been scared. Big kisses”. Hoping that this misadventure will be a distant memory for Loana during the end of year celebrations with her loved ones.