Antwerp –

In the port of Antwerp rue Brederodestraat has a video been made by a tailor. The street is closed off between the Broederminstraat and Belegstraat. A 54-year-old man in Charleroi, injured, and later died from his wounds. The offender, a 57-year-old from antwerp, but from the act of a local coffee shop, stepped inside. “I’ve got one finished, just call the police, but … ”

A man has woensdagvoormiddag another man, who is in a kleermakerszaak in the port of Antwerp rue Brederodestraat. The 54-year-old victim received multiple knife wounds and was transported to the hospital. There he died from his injuries.

According to a witness, he walked to the child, who is in the video also was wounded, then quietly away, with the bloody knife still in his hand. He was in the cafe on the corner of the rue Brederodestraat, and the Broederminstraat stepped inside, saying, “I’ve got one finished, just call the police, but … ”

The suspect in the stabbing was also injured and taken to hospital under police escort. In the circumstances of the incident are still being investigated, but may be located in a relationship.

The rue Brederodestraat, after the video is completely closed to traffic. The laboratory has made the first observations made in the shop of the victim on the street and in the pub. In the meantime, the law doctor with a accounted for.

The investigating judge, it is in the afternoon, together with the public prosecutor’s office to the site and joined. The suspect is currently being interrogated by the police, and that the public prosecutor’s office in Antwerp to know.

Photo: sare