Charles Leclerc Comforts Lewis Hamilton During Canadian Grand Prix Weekend

The Canadian Grand Prix weekend brought unexpected challenges for both Ferrari and Mercedes, with Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton facing disappointment in Montreal. Leclerc and Hamilton, who are set to be teammates at Ferrari in 2025, found themselves in a tough spot as they struggled during the weekend.

Hamilton, who was behind in the standings by 8-1, faced a disappointing qualifying result, securing only P7 while being overshadowed by George Russell’s pole position. The paddock was abuzz with the unexpected turn of events as both Ferrari cars were eliminated in Q2 for the first time since the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix.

During the drivers’ parade, Leclerc noticed Hamilton sitting alone and approached him to offer comfort. The gesture seemed to lift Hamilton’s spirits as he engaged more actively with the events around him. Leclerc expressed disappointment with Ferrari’s performance on the track, emphasizing the need to maximize their points over the weekend.

While Ferrari struggled to find their pace in Montreal, Leclerc remained hopeful, pointing to the possibility of rain during the race as a potential game-changer. The unpredictable weather could offer Ferrari a chance to shine and make up for their below-par qualifying performance. As the race day approached, all eyes were on Leclerc, Hamilton, and the rest of the grid to see how the Canadian Grand Prix would unfold.