resim 1498
resim 1498

The end of a great adventure. This Thursday, April 20 is broadcast the last episode of Beijing Express, The Secret Choice, hosted by Stéphane Rotenberg on M6. After several weeks of competition, two pairs face off for the final race in Brazil: the strategist couple Alexandre and Chirine against the Lorraine duo Xavier and Céline.

On the program for this final stage of season 17: a great race in the form of 2 intermediate sprints in order to earn the most gains. As is tradition at every Beijing Express final: time is money. As soon as the first team crosses the finish line, it will trigger a beacon which, every second, will cause the opposing team to lose 10 euros.

If the strategist lovers have (virtually) 80,000 euros in earnings in their pocket, Les Lorrains have not said their last word. Especially since the boss Xavier and his employee Céline are going to have a last relaxing evening, like their opponents, in a beautiful hotel. An idyllic and calm setting conducive to an astonishing rapprochement, as the first images of the final episode prove.

After a first day of racing in the pouring rain of Brazil, Xavier jumps into the deep end first – or rather into the bathtub. “He doesn’t even ask me if I want to go first,” Céline gets upset facing the camera, under the gaze of her superior. The latter also takes the opportunity to push the song while washing in his bubble bath.

Between two jokes about their age difference, the sexagenarian and the thirtysomething take advantage of this moment to take stock of the situation. “How does it feel to see your boss in a bath?”, the candidate asks his partner, who retorts laconically. “After 35 days, it doesn’t matter much to me.”

A month after the start of their South American journey, Xavier wants to mark the course with Céline by finally becoming familiar. An idea that “makes uncomfortable” the young mother, accustomed to address her boss after ten years of collaboration in business. “It bothers me, but in fact, it’s weird. […] Now you have to say ‘you'”. Embarrassed in front of his colleague in a swimsuit in his bath, the candidate then prefers to room him when leaving the room. “I’m out pepito, I’ll leave you alone”.

Since the end of filming, relations between Xavier and Céline have really evolved and the former colleagues have become friends. “From a professional relationship, it turned into a friendship. We see each other and call each other regularly. Céline has become a friend,” jokes the retired boss, interviewed by Planet. Did this beautiful complicity allow them to win the Beijing Express 2023 final? Answer this evening at the end of the show at 11:40 p.m. on M6.