the DFB Vice-President Rainer Koch has defended the end of the disastrous world Cup year, the consistent Adherence to the football Association to Joachim Löw and notice the revealing Details. Accordingly, the leadership of the German football Association (DFB) had factored in to President Reinhard Grindel at the time of premature extension of the contract with the national coach prior to the world Championships in Russia, an early Failure of the title holder.

The decision, after the first world Cup first-round K. o. of the German national team at the Sporting line to Löw and team Manager Oliver Bierhoff, was made in the summer “so quickly”, “because we had already made us before the world Cup about the time after that thought,” said Koch in front of his 60. Birthday is this Tuesday.

“Anything else would have been negligent”

“We knew that there needs to be a break in the Team. We have played in the extension of the contract also that we eliminated in the preliminary round. Anything else would have been negligent,“ said the President of the Bavarian football Association. “It is a leadership responsibility that deals with all scenarios. We are not, after all, the first world champion, eliminated in the first round.“ In fact: in 2002, the France was happened, in 2010, Italy and, in 2014, Spain.

no one in the DFB-head in doubt, “that it is the best way to cope with the break, with Joachim Löw and Oliver Bierhoff,” said cook. Personally, he feels through the last games of the year in this evaluation has confirmed: “Our national coach is the best possible to break. I profess to be.“

cooking according to the “very unpleasant year,” in 2018, however some of the claims on Löw. “The preliminary rounds at the world Cup was disastrous. The subsequent defeats in the Nations League were not suitable to immediately give the impression of improvement. What makes me hope and courage, are the last countries, as well as the many young and talented players, must take with Joachim Löw in 2019, the generation break.“

The goal should be the qualification for the European championship in 2020, said a cook at the views of 2019. “I wish, especially in the first game in Holland is a victory, a convincing. The Dutch have now made enough points against us,“ said DFB Vice-with a view to starting in the EM-excretion on 24. March 2019. Other group opponents are Northern Ireland, Belarus and Estonia. The First and Second will qualify for the European championship finals in 2020, in Munich, one of the twelve host cities will be.

“We were in all competitions, only statists”

But the coach himself is reflected in this score: “We want to be better, this year we were extras in all competitions,” said the national coach on the sidelines of the Gala “sportsman of the year” in Baden-Baden: “The need to improve of course in the next year.”