The, until recently, for the investigation to Russia affair, the American President Donald Trump competent is rather in the Ministry of justice, apparently, prior to his retirement. Rod Rosenstein have to vacate his Post in the coming weeks, as the Deputy head of the Ministry, said Wednesday a representative of the Department, who wished to remain anonymous.

Rosenstein have only two years of Vice-Minister. He will not be forced to resign and will stay for a while to ensure a smooth inauguration of the designated attorney General, William Barr. This needs to be confirmed by the Senate.

trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said she had not spoken with Rosenstein. She was sure, however, that neither Trump nor the office of the President wanted to push him out of office.

Rosenstein had been attacked because of the Russia-investigations repeated by Trump. He took over in 2017, the supervision and appointed a special investigator Robert Mueller as head of the investigation, after the former justice had declared Minister Jeff Sessions in the matter for self-conscious.

Trump dismissed Sessions shortly after the congressional elections last November, and Matt Whitaker as Commissioner of the Minister of justice. This took over the supervision of Mueller’s investigation. Because a sharp Protest was sparked because Whitaker had criticized the investigation.