the Vias to draw the caution on the proposal to zero-in on the movement of the parties ‘ policies.a and Green. The verkeersinsituut it “agrees with the principle that it is better to avoid drinking on the road. However, the organization also points out some of the possible consequences of the actions that need to be examined. So it might be zero-just to make sure that the chances of getting caught are heavy drinkers is smaller.

and Now, for the first time in eight years, an increase in the number of road traffic fatalities in the 306 in the first half of the year, advocate of Green and sp.a zero tolerance for alcohol on the roads. That will translate into a threshold of 0.2 per cent for all of the members of the board. That is a small margin remains, to discussions on, for example, likeurpralines to avoid it. Now, the threshold is 0.5 per cent, or 0.2 per cent, for the professional members of the board.

the Vias, it is the principle of zero tolerance. This gives a clear message to those who are driving, don’t drink. “We drink, some of the directors of some of the glass, and to calculate their alcoholpromille, but they are wrong many times. The fact that you have to have one or two of the glasses, allows to put some just on consumption, which is detrimental to road safety.” One day it will be zero, however in our country what it sounds like.

now, However, they are now simply enter the find a Vias is not a good idea. The first is a study of the effect of such a provision is necessary, in particular to the politiecapaciteit. As a reduction to 0.2 parts per thousand may be “counter-productive” purpose, as fear Vias. “The board members will have a positive blow for the controls. This implies each of the time, a lot of time to the agent, for the report to be set up. Thus, there is a risk that the directors who have been drinking have fallen through the net slip through.” This point Vias like that in the fatalities there are, on average, there has been a 1.7 per cent.

the Vias calls, therefore, in the first instance, to simplify the procedures surrounding driving under the influence. Another option would be the privatization of the flitscontroles to be, in order to provide more capacity to the alcoholcontroles. That is, it would not be detrimental to the controls, even at a reduced threshold.

More about Vias CARD. So many penalties have been in your area and handed out for speeding, drinking and mobile phone use behind the wheel, the Fire brigade will want to know where you are I: students will develop the app that provides emergency services to lead the way in the house, the Government’s safety camera’s have been replaced by controls: “Simply, a lot more efficient,” “Dramatic numbers” and “daily Russian roulette”: to care, to deaths