Véronique Genest “needs 10,000 euros per month to hold out”


Véronique Genest confided without taboo on the thorny subject of money and its financial needs. In an interview with Here Paris, this Wednesday, August 3, she said she “needs 10,000 euros per month, to hold and help those around [her]”. To maintain her lifestyle, the actress, who is 66 years old, must therefore continue to work.

Indeed, according to her, the pensions of actors are too low compared to the time they spend working and unemployment is capped, therefore insufficient. But the one who embodied Julie Lescaut for many years does not want to complain and feel sorry for herself. “I said that it was difficult for the actors, but that I was lucky, I have goods and savings, but they will not be eternal”, she insisted on specifying .

Especially since she has devoted a large part of her savings to caring for her mother. The latter, who died in February 2022, lived in a retirement home which cost between 5,000 and 6,000 euros per month. An establishment that she also intends to sue for “ill-treatment”. The actress, originally from Meaux, would also have had to assume significant expenses related to the ex-wife of her husband.

Although she says she has no financial difficulties, she explains that she has to work to maintain her standard of living and continue to help those around her. “I have to earn a living, I have to work,” she says.

Revealed in 1981 for her role in the television series Nana, Véronique Genest really became famous from 1992 by donning the costume of commissioner Julie Lescaut for 96 episodes and 21 seasons. But in 2012, she decided to return to her first love, the theatre.

Dividing her life between Paris and Corsica, she has also set up a theater festival on the Island of Beauty, j. The latter took place from July 18 to 21. And always with the idea of ​​making a profit from her expenses, it was she herself, helped by her husband and her son-in-law, who took charge of setting up and taking down the sets.