On December 28, 2021 and January 3, 2022, Grincka and Igor Bognadoff tragically disappeared at the age of 72. Deaths linked to Covid-19 which had made a lot of noise since the presenters of the show Time X were not vaccinated. In an interview granted to the Belgian site Soir Mag, their little sister Véronique, sophrologist for 15 years, confided in their links.

“We are 18 years apart. I am the sixth child in the family. In fact, our parents had the twins and then separated before meeting again a few years later. This is how I was born after Géraldine and Laurence. I also have a half-brother, François”, she had declared and added: “During the ten years when their parents were separated, Igor and Grichka were raised by a maternal grandmother not like others”.

A year after their death, Véronique Bogdanoff is still as surprised by the popularity of her two brothers. “I no longer count those who told me how much they had cradled their childhood, their adolescence (…) I also meet many people who consider them immortal. They still had so much to say and to do !”.

In the process, she revealed their unfinished project which had begun to see the light of day some time before their deaths. “On the eve of their hospitalization, they were working on a revival of Time X (…) It was to see the light of day in 2023 and allow them to discuss the future of a science fiction of which they had been the pioneers” , she explained.

Discover in photo, Véronique Bagnadoff, the little sister of the twins Igor and Grichka.