Before the scheduled mass protests of the government opponents in Venezuela has intensified the conflict between the leadership in Caracas and the United States. The left-nationalist head of state Nicolas Maduro accused the U.S. government on Tuesday to have a “fascist coup” in Venezuela arranged. Meanwhile, concern grew in front of great violence at the protests, called by the Opposition for Wednesday.

The American Vice-President Mike Pence assured the protesters in front of the rallies with the support of the United States. “We are on your side,” said Pence in Spanish and English in a Twitter video message. Maduro is a “dictator, without a legitimate claim to Power.” Pence welcomed the fact that the “good people” wanted to get in Venezuela.

Maduro said, the American government had called a “fascist coup”. In the 200 years long history of the relations between the two countries this is unprecedented. Maduro called on his foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, to make the relations with the United States fully to the test.

communications Minister Jorge Rodríguez accused Pence of “terrorists” arranged to carry out the planned opposition protests, acts of violence to destabilize the government. Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez stressed that Caracas will not accept the interference of America in Venezuela’s internal Affairs. On Wednesday, Maduro’s government wants to mobilize their supporters.

Meanwhile, the American Senator Marco Rubio warned the Venezuelan security forces in a crackdown against the government critical demonstrators. “You are on the verge of crossing a “red line” and provoke a response from you, believe me, are not prepared for this.” Rubio called on to pray for the “Thousands of Venezuelans, the move in the coming hours in danger”.

The situation in Venezuela has deteriorated in the past few days. After a failed uprising of national guards on Monday in the capital, Caracas, clashes between government opponents and the police.

In several of the poorer quarters of the city, built demonstrators block according to the Venezuelan Observatory for social conflict (OVCS) street or looted shops. The police used tear gas. According to reports, a Statue of the 2013 late revolutionary leader Hugo Chavez down had been burned. The sculpture was erected in July of 2018, the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro in San Felix, to the memory of Chavez.