They are the real stars in Here It All Begins. Since 2020, actresses Vanessa Demouy, Catherine Marchal and Elsa Lunghini have been in the cast of the famous TF1 soap opera which fascinates an average of 2 to 3 million followers in front of their post. If the three women have won the hearts of the public throughout their careers, they have also evolved since their beginnings.

The common point between these three actresses: the age of fifty. A symbolic milestone that Vanessa Demouy has just celebrated on April 5, 2023. In an interview with We Two magazine, the journalist asked her: “Do you feel more beautiful at 50?”. What the interpreter of Rose Latour answered frankly. “I don’t care at all!”, before adding. “I took on my first glasses and I recognize that sometimes I have some pain in the morning when I get up”, quoted by our colleagues from the Au Feminine site.

However, the ex-girlfriend of Philippe Lellouche assures with pride. “At 50, we are free. Each one does as she wants, and especially not what is asked of her to fit into a mould”. A few years earlier, his colleague Catherine Marchal passed the milestone of half a century in May 2017. Both are still as sublime and inspire their admirers.

As for Elsa Lunghini, she will celebrate her 50th birthday on May 20, 2023. Before that, the future fifty-something made rare secrets about her personal life. “My passions are travel and photography, I satisfy them thanks to a big truck converted into a recording studio, a darkroom to develop film for film and a mobile home”, she confided to the Journal des Femmes in 2019. .

The opportunity for her to also discuss her love life. “My companion has a truck license and drives. We leave as soon as we can in places where there is no one. To find ourselves like that, in the middle of nowhere, is incredible. This desire to freedom animates me as I grow older”. It is with him in particular that the artist embarked on photography. “It was my man who gave me my first camera. I had wanted to get started for a very long time, but I didn’t dare”.

Active on social networks, the three actresses reveal themselves in complete privacy for their fans. Planet reveals an anthology of their most beautiful shots in our slideshow.