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Carson Brière, son of Daniel Brière, faces charges of mischief and misconduct for pushing a wheelchair down a flight of stairs during a nightclub party on March 11.

The images of the events, captured by a surveillance camera, made the rounds of social networks last week. The video shows three young men climbing the stairs to access a nightclub. Near the entrance is an unoccupied wheelchair. Upon entering the bar, Carson Brière nonchalantly pushes the chair up the stairs; at least one piece comes off in the fall.

Erie police have filed the same charges against Patrick Carrozzi, who we guess is the young man next to Brière when pushing the wheelchair.

On Twitter, the woman who posted the video said the chair was there because its owner had to go downstairs to access the bar bathroom. To date, the video has been viewed over 39 million times. A crowdfunding campaign was set up to purchase a new wheelchair and over $8,800 has been raised so far.

Carson Briere, 23, plays for the Mercyhurst University Lakers in Pennsylvania. The day the video was published, the educational institution quickly announced that it had opened an investigation into the event.

Daniel Brière, ex-NHL player and new general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers, apologized on behalf of his son in the following days. He said he was “shocked” upon seeing the video, calling it “inexcusable.” “Carson is sorry and accepts full responsibility for his behavior,” he added.

His son, more succinctly, said he was “deeply sorry for [his] behavior”. “There is no excuse for my actions and I will do everything I can to redeem myself from this serious lapse in judgment. »