A popular figure with the French. From her beginnings in the 1990s, Valérie Bonneton distinguished herself in several theater plays before landing a few appearances in cinema and television. It was in 2007, on the small screen, that she was revealed in the series Fais pas ci, faire pas ça where she played the role of Fabienne Lepic.

In parallel with her TV career, Valérie Bonneton becomes an essential personality in the cinema. After her performance in Les Petits Mouchoirs (2010) earning her a nomination for the Césars, she subscribed to leading roles with Eyjafjallajökull (The Volcano) by Dany Boon, An hour of tranquility (2014) by Patrice Leconte, not forgetting La Ch’tite Family (2018) and We will end up together (2019) by Guillaume Canet. Her last role on the big screen dates back to 2011 in the film Eugénie Grandet, based on the famous novel by Honoré de Balzac.

Throughout her career, Valérie Bonneton has been transformed by various characters. Now she has set herself a new challenge: to go in search of eternal youth around the world, named after the documentary broadcast this Thursday, October 15 with the reporter Alfred de Montesquiou on M6. “This project was atypical and at the same time so much in line with my interest in healthy cooking and my questions about the meaning of life,” she confides to the channel. “A life that we should all reinvent to be less in daily stress, less under the pressure of society”.

On the occasion of this unpublished report, the fifties revealed for Current Woman the secrets of her form, believing “in any case to age well” and “to have a better quality of life”. Among her tips for learning “not to let go”, Valérie Bonneton recommends to our colleagues laughter, physical and mental well-being, a more balanced diet and carnal relationships. An intimacy that she shared with several partners in her life.

During her career, Valérie Bonneton formed a media couple with François Cluzet. From their meeting on the set of La Voie est libre in 1997, the actors spin the perfect love and are parents of two children, Joseph (born in 2001) and Marguerite (born in 2006). While in full glory with Les Petits Mouchoirs, the couple broke down and separated in 2010. “Reality exceeded fiction, we separated a few days after the release of the film”, a- she explained in the pages of Nous Deux in 2016.

Asked by Paris Match in 2012, Valérie Bonneton returned to the way they announced their separation to their children. “With François, we thought for whole evenings about how we were going to announce things to them. What words to use, how to tell them without hurting them”, she assured our colleagues. “We thought calmly and wisely, and we did things well.”

On good terms with her ex-companion, Valérie Bonneton has rebuilt her life between Paris and Trouville with a certain Edouard, “her love of youth” officiating in real estate, as she indicates in Le Figaro. “We were together from 16 to 22 years old. He was the one who went to get the papers to enroll me at the Conservatory. It was with his family that I discovered literature, cinema, music. I had want to look like them”, according to his words to our colleagues.

Blossoming in her career and private life, actress Valérie Bonneton is also close to her two children, Joseph and Marguerite. “I’ve always done everything to make it a job like any other, and it’s always been my priority, the children. There are things I refused to be with them, that’s how it is”, she confided in 50 min Inside last February on TF1. “I want to trust them, to say ‘Whatever you choose, you’re right’, to encourage them,” she assured Nikos Aliagas.

Valérie Bonneton has nevertheless gone through hardships alongside them, such as the separation with their father François Cluzet, or even the leukemia of her son at the age of 4 years. She notably put her career on hold to be with him. “I also had work offers, but I refused them, because it was out of the question that I did not spend all my time with him”, she told RTL in Le journal unexpected in September last.

Faced with the disease, the actress has done everything possible to ensure that the environment of her son Joseph is impeccable. “Each door handle has to be cleaned… The Covid is nothing next to it! You have to wash the vegetables with a touch of bleach. You have to do this, you have to do that…”, a- she added before showing him her admiration. “He has no bad memories. He loves people, because there were always lots of people coming: nurses, doctors, etc. He loves doctors. It’s always very moving… And , I wanted to tell it”. A true symbol of love.