More fear than harm. This Tuesday, September 27, the aficionados of Touche not at my post were marked by the return of the lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio and by the news concerning Delphine Wespiser who formalized her break with her now ex-companion Roger. However, it was an unexpected sequence that caught viewers’ attention. Indeed, during the show, Valérie Bénaïm abruptly left the set in full live.

After the pub cut, Cyril Hanouna wanted to reassure the public about the state of health of his columnist. “Valérie will be back in a little while, she will have a drink. She had a little heat stroke. It is very hot on the set, know that. It’s a hammam. water. Give him makrouts, give him a car, plasma screens, everything we have”, justified the host jokingly. Finally, the columnist returned discreetly to the set and resumed the course of the program.

Despite her return to the Touche set not at my post, many viewers were worried about the state of health of Valérie Bénaïm. On her Instagram account, the historical columnist of the C8 program posted a photo of her, radiant, with a message to reassure her fans. “On the spot. Taken in a good mood yesterday on the set of tpmp. I take this opportunity to thank you for all your kind messages full of concern. Don’t worry, everything is fine, I just had a little warm, a small drop in blood pressure. Nothing serious. Everything is fine! Thank you again for your many words. You are always there for me and it touches me. Have a beautiful day. Take care of yourself. I kiss you “, can -we read in the caption.