Vacuum cleaner: this mistake that we all make when using it


Cleaning your kitchen, preparing food, hanging your laundry… What if household chores were an obscure art that some French people are still struggling to grasp? It is clear, in any case, that a certain number of us do not know how to vacuum properly, according to the blog specializing in the management of low budget How to save. Because contrary to what some might think, there is apparently a right way and a wrong way to vacuum. At least… on some surfaces.

Proper cleaning, the site insists, requires consideration of the surface being vacuumed. On parquet, for example, all methods are valid. On the other hand, on carpet, on a rug or on any other covering of this order, it is essential to take the time well… Everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait, goes the saying. The site even speaks of “slow vacuuming”.

Vacuuming slowly is also recommended by some manufacturers, such as Dyson. “By vacuuming slowly, the brush has more time to lift the dust and dirt between the fibers and remove them entirely”, can we read on the user guide of certain models.

In addition, this kind of strategy also helps to protect potential allergic people in your entourage. By eliminating a maximum of the dust particles and dirt mentioned above, you make sure to put the odds on your side.