the university hospital of Leuven, has recently published the first Flemish patients operated with a novel technique for the non-working vocal cords to recover. In comparison with the existing procedures has the advantage that the result will be permanent, and the risk of infection and rejection is less. The surgery has a success rate of over 98 percent of the time.

The technique is used when one or both vocal cords of the patient to a complete standstill as a result of a corrupt stembandzenuw. As a result, the vocal chords are not properly aligned with each other, causing the patients to suffer from extreme hoarseness, and swallowing difficulties.

this is a new surgical technique, the so-called ‘ non-selective larynxreïnnervatie the damaged stembandzenuw attached to another, still-functioning optic nerve in the neck. The vocal cord will allow re-directs nerve impulses. The stembandspier it is because of this, become stronger and move to the other vocal cord to.

so far, the condition has been treated with a single injection of which of the still-vocal cord is thicker, so that the two vocal chords, he was alone. However, the effect of this type of surgery is only temporary, and the duration of time. Another option is the placement of a silicone block in the larynx, but the treatment is temporary, and it is also a risk of infection to rejection.

The ingeep is carried out under general anaesthetic, and with only a limited incision is made. After one or two days, it may be that the patiênt to leave the hospital. The effect of the intervention after a four-to-six months to be noticeable. In order to bridge the patient at the same time stembandverdikkende fuel injection, so there is an immediate positive result.
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