Utah Jazz Introduces New Mountain Basketball Brand Philosophy and Uniforms

Today, the Utah Jazz unveiled their new brand philosophy called Mountain Basketball, which has been a part of Jazz culture since 1979. This philosophy embodies the spirit of Utah by combining a love for basketball, a vibrant community, and the influence of the state’s mountainous environment on everyday life. The Jazz also showcased their primary uniforms for the next two seasons, highlighting the colors of Mountain Purple, Midnight Black, and Sky Blue in their expanded color palette.

Ryan Smith, the governor of the Utah Jazz, expressed that their branding will continually evolve as they, their fans, and the sport of basketball progress. The team collaborated with Doubleday & Cartwright, a renowned creative consultancy and design studio, to develop this new iteration of Mountain Basketball. By studying Utah’s passion for basketball and the impact of the mountains on its identity, the Jazz aimed to symbolize a state that is flourishing economically and culturally.

Utah is known for having the most basketball courts per capita in the country, with a strong presence of courts in neighborhoods, public parks, and community centers. The majority of the state’s population resides near the Wasatch Front, showcasing the close connection between the people of Utah and the mountains. A video released by the Jazz highlights the influence of Mountain Basketball on the youth of Utah, who are seen playing basketball in jerseys inspired by the team’s new uniform designs.

The Jazz will introduce four uniforms during the 2024-25 season, with new designs and existing jerseys being worn throughout the year. The team will continue to feature iconic elements such as the Jazz Note and the UTAH logo on their jerseys. Additionally, new courts inspired by Mountain Basketball will be revealed soon, along with the 2025 City Edition uniform.

Fans can purchase Mountain Basketball apparel online or at the Utah Jazz Team Store, with the 2024-25 City Edition uniform becoming available in Fall 2024. The team will also host a pop-up merchandise event at Snowbird on June 8, offering attendees a chance to receive special gifts and prizes.

Stay tuned for the full implementation of Mountain Basketball by the Utah Jazz, as they embrace their new brand philosophy and colors in the upcoming seasons.

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