Utah Jazz Unveils New ‘Mountain Basketball’ Uniform Rebrand

The Utah Jazz recently announced a new uniform rebrand, bringing back the purple, white, and sky blue mountain scheme to their jerseys. The team is embracing “Mountain Basketball” as their new identity, with purple becoming the primary color of the franchise.

Governor of the Utah Jazz, Ryan Smith, stated that the team’s branding is an ongoing process that reflects the growth of the fanbase and the sport of basketball. The decision to shift towards purple comes after a two-year run with a black and yellow color scheme, which will now be phased out.

The new uniforms will feature the mountain scheme, with the team set to debut the white and yellow Association Edition jerseys for the 2024-25 season. The transition to the Mountain Association Edition will take place in 2025-26, alongside the introduction of the black jerseys with mountain design.

The iconic J-note logo will now be purple, with the “Utah Jazz” wordmark being removed. The team is excited about the new direction and hopes to engage fans with the upcoming changes in their uniform aesthetics.

Stay tuned for the Jazz’s upcoming season as they showcase their new ‘Mountain Basketball’ identity on the court.


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