US President, Trump is preparing a dirty campaign


Analysis for the choice of the US President, Trump is preparing a dirty campaign vorPräsident Trump relies on the destruction of Joe Biden’s Reputation. This wants to team up with the progressive wing of the Democrats. Opinion Martin Kilian, Washington55 Kommentare55Donald Trump wants Joe Biden as a case for the geriatrics to draw: The US President, after a weekend trip to Camp David.KEYSTONE

The number of American Corona-victim pushes to 90’000, at least 36 million unemployed recorded in the United States. But what the President did on the weekend? Together with Republican hard-liners from the house of representatives Donald Trump withdrew to his country residence, Camp David, to advise about his conspiracy myth “Obama gate”, a product of the Imagination, as a result, the former President 2016 initiated a secret cabal against Trump.

Already, last Wednesday, the President had discussed in the circle of Republican strategists, like his democratic rival, Joe Biden spotted in the upcoming election campaign is the most effective and politically destroyed, it could be. With Karl Rove, the architect of George W. Bush’s election victories in 2000 and 2004. Particularly in 2004, waded Rove deep in the morass: It’s Bush’s election campaign, managed volunteers, to sign the democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, a proven hero of the Vietnam war, as a coward who had placed the lives of his subordinates in Vietnam on the game.

election campaign on the lowest level,

Karl Rove’s appearance in the White house signaled that the President intends to run his campaign primarily on the most basic level. Biden is a man who “knows that he’s still alive,” said Trump last week to be drawn as a case for the geriatrics,.

Biden has announced that he wants to use the Corona disaster as the catalyst for a renewal of US society. Crumbling institutions, a problematic healthcare system, serious differences between the Poor and the rich: According to the Corona-crisis, had built up “the economy is easy, but be transformed,” said the democratic presidential candidate in a recent speech.

No return to the Status quo

The U.S. economy did not work “prior to the destruction by the Virus for many Americans”, now there is a need for fundamental reforms, wrote to Biden and the left, Senator Elizabeth Warren, in a joint opinion article for the newspaper chain McClatchy. The restoration of the Status quo ante, as Biden before the outbreak of the disease aimed at is no longer up to date.

Instead, the democratic candidate wants to implement but also of the claims of the progressive wing of the party for Warren and the Deputy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. If help for low-wage earners, the strengthening of trade unions, or environmental initiatives for a “Green New Deal”: In a newly established working groups, progressive and moderate Democrats will design together a far-reaching program for the case of an election victory in November.

it was based on “the Conviction that the current crisis has a greater impact than the financial crisis of 2008 or the fall of the Berlin wall,” said Senator Mark Warner (Virginia), a leading spokesman for the fashion party wing rates. Not only could Joe, the party of Biden, thus, he continued, also, of a President who is primarily committed to the standstill and, at least so far, no interest in much-needed reforms has shown.

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