The short message service Twitter has dropped more than 10,000 of fake Accounts, in which for a Boycott of the upcoming Congress election in the United States called. A spokesman for the company confirmed that the accounts had already been at the end of September and beginning of October will be deleted.

The corresponding Accounts would have incorrectly conveyed the impression to be from the US Democrats, have been established. As the online magazine tech crunch writes, were the messages of the Profiles of the major groups of voters and encouraged them to stay on the day of the election at home. There were members of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, campaign workers for the democratic party, which made the short message service to the Profiles carefully.

“We have removed a number of Accounts, because you have tried to share disinformation in an automated manner – a violation of our guidelines,” said a Twitter spokesperson, the online magazine. “We have stopped quickly.” However, the company have given no examples of Accounts that have been removed, reported the Portal.

In the presidential campaign of 2016 had closed Twitter millions of Accounts, using the wrong information in relation to the democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton were. The beginning of this year, several million Profiles had to be deleted, the supposedly terrorist news spread.

Twitter for some time I hard against fake Profiles to act on, among other things, Spam, and political Propaganda. “We introduced new resources to address problematic behavior, the distorted the public conversation”, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explains in the summer.

On Twitter to pay the latest company, according to the world monthly 335 million Users active.