Urgent Safety Warning Issued for AI Pin Charger

Silicon Valley startup Humane has issued a warning to users regarding the charging case that comes with its AI Pin device. The company has advised users to stop using the charging case immediately due to safety concerns related to defective battery cells. These faulty battery cells have the potential to pose a fire hazard when the charger is in use.

The AI Pin device, created by Humane, is known for its unique ability to project a display onto the user’s palm. However, the gadget has faced criticism for issues such as overheating and inaccurate AI responses. Despite these challenges, Humane is reportedly in talks to sell the company to tech giant HP for approximately $1 billion.

The specific issue with the AI Pin lies in its charging case, which contains the problematic battery cells. Humane has communicated the battery problem to users via email, but has not posted a public warning on its website or social media platforms. The company has assured users that the AI Pin device itself remains safe to use and can be charged using an alternative Charging Pad that was included with the product.

AI Pin, developed by former Apple employees, operates using voice commands and taps rather than traditional typing. It features a unique laser projection system that displays text and images on the user’s hand. The device also includes a virtual assistant powered by technologies from OpenAI and cloud computing capabilities from Microsoft.

Despite its initial hype as an “iPhone killer,” reviews of the AI Pin have been mixed. Some critics have labeled it as “the worst product ever reviewed,” citing usability issues and inaccurate AI responses. However, others see potential for improvement in future iterations of the device.

In response to the safety concerns with the charging case, Humane has assured users that the AI Pin device and other related accessories are not affected. The company is actively working to identify a new battery supplier to maintain its high quality standards and ensure customer safety.

As investigations continue, Humane is offering users two additional months of subscription service as a gesture of goodwill. The company remains committed to addressing safety issues and providing updates to users as more information becomes available.