Upgrading the cyber security – the Federal Council wants to go against hackers nThe Federal administration receives 20 additional Points to strengthen cyber security. Set up you should be in the competent Offices. SDA1 Kommentar1Das topic of cyber security is becoming from year to year. The Federal Council is, and in the management of internal cyber-security.Photo: Keystone

in 2013 for the implementation of the National strategy for Switzerland’s protection against cyber risks (NCS), 30 Places have been created. A year ago, the Federal Council, spoke for priority Work additional 24 Points. Also, the financial resources were increased against the Background of a “much more intense threat,” as it was then called.

Now, for further action, there seems a need. There is a need for more professionals to meet the increasing cyber risks, said Mason on Thursday in front of the Federal Palace media. “The attacks are part of the daily Business of the administration.” This would be more aggressive.

“We are working very stressed pragmatic”

Maurer, that the resources would have to be expanded in the coming years, probably more. “I can’t be the end of the flag pole,” he said. In international comparison, Switzerland is well positioned in terms of personnel is weak. In Austria, around 800 people in the administration worked, for example, the cyber security.

“to be There, and we want to never come,” said Maurer. High Switzerland it is already good. “We work very pragmatic.” The economy and the policy called for a strong centre of competence with a clear structure, and more centralization. This concern for wool comply with the Federal government.

payment of transport as a potential target

Mainly three departments, the Department of Finance, the defense Department VBS, as well as the Department of justice Department of involvement in the cyber defense:. You are trying to find answers to the dangers.

According to Mason, the recently published case of Stadler Rail is a Prime example of what are the greatest dangers shows. Hackers tried to blackmail the Thurgauer Zugbaufirma under exposure to high amounts of money and to put up with the possible publication of the stolen data under pressure. Also the payment transactions of the banks was a popular target for Criminals, said Maurer. “If there is hacked, is very much still.”

not The goal of the Federal government to create an organization that could combat any attack in the private sector. In larger cases, the Federal attack, but in a subsidiary role.

Ready for immediate Action

With the on Wednesday, the Federal Council adopted the regulation on the organization of the Federal government to protect against cyber risks, the Federal the legal basis for the development and Expansion of the National centre for cyber security (NCSC). The centre exists since 2019 and is directed by Florian Schütz, the delegates of the Federal government for cyber security.

The delegate is the Central point of contact for the Federal government in the area of cyber risks. He is to adopt, among other things, requirements for the it security of the Federal administration. “The Whole thing works only if we work together on all levels”, said contactor in front of the media. These internal administrative cooperation should be further intensified.

According to the contactor 300 messages in the NCSC a go per month on average. The additional Places would help to edit this faster. “We must also measure better, how successful we are,” he said.

New organization

the regulation, which occurs at the beginning of July in force, be regulated in the organizational Details of the cyber defence centre. In coping with an attack, the NCSC may, in consultation with the affected service, the spring bodies take the lead, and immediately order measures to be taken.

The operational Department of cyber defense Agency of the Federal government, the Reporting and analysis centre for information assurance (Melani), ICT-security, Federal and GovCERT.ch. These were previously assigned to the it steering organ of the Federal government (ISB). These areas should also be transferred under the direct management of the delegates for cyber security to the General Secretariat of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF).

the cantons are said in the boat

the cantons are Also integrated into the cyber defence, such as the St. Galler CVP councillor Benedikt Würth, President of the conference of cantonal governments (KDK),. The previously existing differences between the Federal government and the cantons had been removed. “We are on a good path.”

Now, there is a need at the cantonal level, other strategies for cyber security. Some cantons are more than others. Everywhere, the topic of profits from year to year.

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