A Federal judge in the us state of Texas has determined that in the reign of President Barack Obama and adopted by his successor, Donald Trump’s hated health care reform as unconstitutional. Responsible judge Reed O’connor made an Amendment to the tax law in the year 2017. Trump the court’s celebrated decision against “Obamacare”: “Great news for America!”, he wrote on Twitter.

The White house, that the judgment from Texas is being challenged before the Supreme court of the United States. Until a final judicial decision, the current law will remain in force, informed the White house. Attorneys General and governors of the Democrats, said of the decision to the fight.

Trump said on Saturday during a visit to the military cemetery in Arlington, should be confirmed to the Supreme court, the judgment, “we will sit together with the Democrats and we will get great health care for our people”. The judgment from Texas was “a big, big victory of a highly respected judge”.

Trumps Republicans had failed several times last year with the attempt to “Obamacare” to be abolished. “Obamacare” had been passed in 2010 and regulates the access to health insurance.

With its decision supported judge O’connor, the plaintiffs, a coalition of some 20 Republican attorney generals and governors. Unconstitutional since the Amendment to the tax law that Americans would no longer buy health care, would be financially punished, and this was provided in “Obamacare”.