Scott D’Amore’s Future in Wrestling Industry

After stepping down from his role as President of TNA a few months ago, Scott D’Amore has left many wondering about his next move. Anthony Cicione has taken his place, leading some to speculate if D’Amore could potentially join AEW or WWE.

In a surprising turn of events, talent within TNA expressed their disappointment with the management by writing a letter to Anthem, the parent company of the promotion, urging them to reconsider D’Amore’s departure. However, the decision was made to move forward without him.

Rumors have circulated among fans that D’Amore may be headed to AEW. Will Ospreay even mentioned in a recent interview that having D’Amore oversee ROH for Tony Khan would be a fantastic idea. Meanwhile, TNA star Rhino suggested that D’Amore is currently on paid leave by TNA until February of next year.

As D’Amore bides his time and collects his paychecks, the wrestling world eagerly awaits his next career move. Don Callis, former co-executive Vice President of TNA Wrestling, seemed unfazed by D’Amore’s departure, stating that he feels no sympathy for wealthy individuals.