Who says our kids and grandkids don’t have a sense of humor? It’s very simple, they never miss an opportunity to surprise their family. On a daily basis, it is often their parents, grandparents, or brothers and sisters who cheat on all their nonsense!

You still think that these dear blond heads are wise as images… And yet, they generally happen to be mischievous, always on the lookout to lay a trap for us. From the simple schoolboy joke learned with their friends at school, when others push the envelope to make us jump in fear.

A fake mannequin in a sports store, a scary real-life earring, not to mention that big spider hidden in the toilet, these adorable little monsters like to give us cold sweats. Never short of ideas to make our daily life hell, our toddlers know a lot to crack jokes all day long.

The proof with these 20 very unusual situations on the web that will make you laugh (or almost). That this does not give bad ideas to your offspring. Here they are in pictures!