Unusual: the 15 funniest New Year’s resolutions


The day of reckoning has come. 365 days have passed and like every year, the French have experienced joys and success, but also failures and disappointment. “In 2022, I’m quitting smoking”, “I’m learning a new hobby”, “I’m looking for true love outside of dating apps”, “I’m watching my wallet”… Among all these quoted promises, how much have you actually applied?

A few hours before New Year’s Eve, billions of people plan to celebrate the passage in 2023 with friends or family. While others, more reasonable, prefer the company of their television set, zapping between the channels and multiple bloopers rebroadcast at the end of the year. Or even think about making resolutions (and try to stick to them).

After two years of health crisis, the covid today seems a distant memory… or almost if we are to believe the state of vigilance and the triple epidemic that is raging in France. However, there is no point in brooding and thinking about the negative things that ruined our year. To put a smile on your face, here are some unusual resolutions that should inspire you from January 1.

Because after a drunken night out (or a light sleep disturbed by your partying neighbors), this list of good (or false) promises will take your mind off things. For those who don’t intend to keep their word, it’s simple: forget 2022, survive 2023, and don’t worry about it. Here’s a selection of the most unusual New Year’s resolutions in our slideshow.