Unusual process – The bear hunter fights energischDer policeman, who accepted a hunting invitation to Siberia, to achieve an acquittal. He attacks his accusers, from whom he feels betrayed. Thomas Knellwolf0 KommentareEin large female brown bear is fishing in the waters of Kamchatka, according to salmon. On the Russian Peninsula, Viktor K. went on a bear hunt. Had to pay for nothing.Photo:

With three very expensive bottles of Whiskey and a lot of Swiss chocolate in the Luggage, Viktor K. (Name changed) in August 2016 after Russia traveled. So the former Russia expert at the German Federal criminal police on Tuesday took it in the afternoon before the Federal criminal court said.

The gifts he took with in the holiday week, which has him listed a year ago in the same case before the same court, a conditional monetary penalty: an extended bear hunting on the Kamchatka Peninsula with a group of high representatives of the Russian Prosecutor General’s office and an oligarch. The Endfünfziger from Bern, paid nothing. He had only the guest gifts.

Now, for many years, investigators fight back in the second instance, against the conviction for acceptance of an advantage. Him now in part two, former work colleagues have supported. Both were formerly entrusted with the office of the attorney General with Russia cases. Now you have been as interviewed witnesses.

Anne-Claude Scheidegger had been with the defendant twice in Moscow. The former Federal Prosecutor recalled how she was invited, together with K., as well as your head of delegation Patrick Lamon of a high representative of the Russian Prosecutor-General to have been a hunting weekend. You have rejected the offer as friendly, because their Position will not have allowed this to happen.

K. on the other hand accepted and made in accordance with the present Valais Prosecutor Scheidegger never a secret of his trips to Hunt. He had just had as a special police officer is a “fuzzy function”.

The statement did not fit K. clearly, because he has not asserted ever since, and eh, his travels and his informal tolerated contact from the office of the attorney General, but wanted to be. The Russia expert, was a kind of justice a diplomat and as a consultant with Federal Prosecutor Lauber in the former Soviet Union traveled.

On the “sensitive patch of Russia”

The retired Prosecutor Lienhard Ochsner as a second witness to the work of the accused praised as “good” and “correct”. K. tried to get on the “sensitive patch of Russia” is a little and even during his holiday to hold talks with representatives of the Russian Prosecutor General’s office conducted.

As the K. has been released because of such a journey, Ochsner has been according to his statement, surprised that the state began to identify protection division of the office of the attorney General against the adviser to the Federal Prosecutor.

This defender Dominic Nellen criticized in his plea sharply. The chief Prosecutor of the Federation, Carlo Bulletti, a Duzkollege K., didn’t can not detect neutral.

The passive Prosecutor

Bulletti, the state security chief of the office of the attorney General, is not appeared to the appellate process, and has sent two members of staff for Deputy. Previously, he had been questioned in the criminal proceedings not a single witness.

The new appeals chamber has made up for now by the former supervisor of K. in the case of the Federal criminal police vorlud. The Ex-Commissariat officer as a third party witness stated that he knew nothing of the invitations to hunt in Russia. He would have approved also never.

K. had been dismissed because of a non-approved Moscow trip. Today, he feels from the office of the attorney General and the Federal criminal police betrayed. He claims that he wanted to meet with several hunting invitations only to his task: the relationship with the Russian judiciary, maintain, and cases to bring forward.

defender Nellen asked for his client an acquittal, a satisfaction and a compensation for procedure expenses and loss of earnings of well over 200’000 Swiss francs.

the representative of The office of the attorney General requested a confirmation of the conviction for the bear hunt. K. had received in the first instance a fine of 60 daily rates of 150 francs. The judgment will be opened on Wednesday.

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