The world formula has already driven some people to madness and if not in madness, but in the despair. Albert Einstein around plagued with her all his life – without success. Stephen Hawking came a little further, but the solution is not found. What’s in the professional formula circles with the world is meant to be – even if members of this circle were to take this term in the mouth, is the theoretical unification of the Great and the Small, the Macro – and the micro-cosmos. The former is described by Einstein’s General theory of relativity, the Latter by the quantum theories of the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces. The structural diversity of the General relativity theory is the unification so far. That is to unify but everything theoretically should be, the existence of phenomena, which are subject to the strong influence of gravity as the quantum forces: black holes, for example, or the big Bang.

Sibylle Anderl

editor in the features section.

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The search for an overarching theory, quantum gravity, exerts a very special fascination to theoretical physicists. But even more than the scientists – and in any case far-obsessive – grabs the fascination of those scientifically Interested in the distance from all the established research institutes, so their own thoughts. These are World-experts in the thematic interpretation of the world formula problem is far less dogmatic than their specialist colleagues: The mere theoretical unification of gravity and quantum theory is not a rare narrow – interest, very generally, for the hidden which only the initiated-to-access links underlying our world.

If delusional and world formula go in a circle of mutual dependency, the fates, far outweigh the mere Failure of the world explanation: What if you found the world formula – and no one believes it?

Me sale reach such a send, by Post, by E-Mail, even by phone, since I, according to the study, to identify online as an associate in astrophysical institutes. With a A-last name in the address list at the very top of standing, I was for many of the World’s experts on the search for interview partners close to the point of contact. Since I was an editor at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, has become the Post-no less. On the contrary, Within two years, filled a big box with letters, drawings and books that want to explain beyond the well-trodden academic paths of the world.

Great results to policy questions

Mr. G., for example, is devoted to as the “PhD problem-solving psychologist,” the problems of physics. He came to a bunch of really great results, he tells me, by electronic means, unsolicited, and in Particular: the Chapter on “astronomy and the Knowledge” of the written original of which is in a sense quite fantastic. No wonder, was he the only genius of Germany, “which relates to the exploration of fundamental issues in physical research”. His collected findings are clearly numbered, how the entries in Wittgenstein’s “Tractatus”.

In the recommended Chapter, it always goes back to fixed stars, perhaps, or is likely to be much closer than we think, and ultimately, the Three-generation space ships, which are to be expected around the year 3500. There is even an explanation for climate change. Gravity is to blame and must be understood in order to stop the climate warming. If this is not successful, is, however, not all is lost: Below the earth’s surface and within a very large rock, massive Survival will be possible.