Unrest in the United States – According to the statues, the FahnenIm falter the Wake of the racism debate in the US will be attacked the symbols of the southern Confederacy. Monuments will fall, the flags of the slave-holders are outlawed.Kilian Martin Washington0 comment is it the intention of African-American politicians, should be changed to the flag of the state of Mississippi.Photo: Brandon Dill/the Washington Post/

The bloodiest American conflict lasted four years, from 1861 to 1865, and claimed more victims than all other U.S. wars. Unchanged but the secession of the slave holding American South, from Virginia to Texas, and in some places in the South transfigured. “Honorable” was the civil war a “hopeless” but “heroic” thing for the Confederacy.

today color some southerners the civil war as the “war of Northern Aggression” nicely. Or they speak of a “war between the States”, in the it was, above all, to the preservation of the rights of the individual States is gone. No reputable historian of the civil war and its history has doubts but, today, that the war was fought primarily for the preservation of the enslavement of African-Americans.

the inhumanity of The “peculiar Institution” is undisputed, still, but it is trivialized by Neo-confederates and other racists on the right edge of the US company even defended. This is also why you will encounter anywhere in the South, the symbols of the southern Confederacy. The Flag of the “Confederacy” has become the trademark of the Unteachable, omnipresent statues of southern generals and leaders of the Rebellion of 1861 romanticize the betrayal of the Union.

the Controversies raging for years

For years, the Controversy raging around these symbols, in the Wake of the death of George Floyd and the racism debate, the call for a historic big clean-up now unmistakably become. On Wednesday, protesters rushed into Richmond, the capital of Virginia and once the capital of the Confederacy, the Statue of Jefferson Davis, the President of the southern States, from the Socket.

The city wants to remove the other monuments, including the commander-in-chief of the könföderierten army, Robert E. Lee, but must await court decisions. In the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, meanwhile, the still images are to be cleared of the eleven Confederate leaders, when it comes to the will of Nancy Pelosi, the democratic President of the house of representatives. There are “monuments for people, which would be used for cruelty and barbarism,” wrote Pelosi to the Committee responsible.

In several U.S. cities, including New Orleans, were statues of the southern States removed-rebels already, elsewhere, but prevented lawsuits before the competent courts of the caesura. In the University town of Charlottesville in the state of Virginia, 2017, even as right-wing radicals and Neo-Nazis from across the country were deployed after the city wanted to remove a monument to Robert E. Lee from a Central Park.

According to critics, “ironic”

Now, however, not only statues and monuments may fall, the Flag of the breakaway southern States should no longer blow: In Mississippi, the last southern state, the Confederate Flag is still part of the state flag, request African-American politician and civil rights activist, a new state flag, and particularly in the South, popular authors series, Nascar, the Confederate Flag is no longer allowed to flutter to the will of the operator in the future. The U.S. Navy wants to ban the Flag the same.

American military sites, which will be renamed would have to such as Fort Bragg in North Carolina, the name of Confederate commanders, wear,, ask critics. It was “ironic that American soldiers and Marines are trained to support points that carry the names of people who have fought against the Union,” Ex-General David Petraeus.

Donald Trump refuses, however: A renaming will not come “completely out of the question,” the President said on Wednesday. Reactionary southerners belong to the core of Trumps, they can afford to alienate to the President. He has no sense of the racial issue, proved to be the Trump once more with his decision, of all places, at 19. To start end of June in Tulsa, in the state of Oklahoma with major events for his followers.

The day in the case of African-Americans as a public holiday, as on “Juneteenth” in 1865, enslaved Black people in Texas, Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation Declaration was read out. And Tulsa 1921 it was the scene of the worst massacre of African-Americans. A black neighborhood went up in flames, until today, the number of victims is unclear.

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