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resim 510

This Tuesday, September 27, after David Hasselhoff, the Mask Singer show, broadcast on TF1, hit hard with the second international star to discover. Indeed, viewers were able to discover Tori Spelling, the ex-star of the hit series Beverly Hills 90210, hidden under the cat’s costume. The American actress had performed “Price Tag”, the hit of British singer Jessie J. But what challenged viewers was the physique of the actress who has changed a lot since her debut.

Puffy face, luscious mouth, raised cheekbones… What happened to actress Tori Spelling’s face? Indeed, the face of the American star was unrecognizable. For many years, the actress was complexed by her body. After a rhinoplasty, she had recourse to cosmetic surgery to redo her chest. A failed operation as she had specified a few years earlier: “If I had known that my cleavage would be worse than before, that breast implantation affected the production of breast milk… I would not have had them!”, she said on Good Morning America in 2011.

She is not the only American star to have regretted her time on the pool table. Actress Nicole Kidman gave in to the call of botox. “I tried Botox. And I didn’t like the result. So I don’t use this substance anymore. Besides, the fact of not having any more injections serves my acting skills much better”, she told Italian magazine La Repubblica.

Most recently, in September 2021, the star was compared to star Khlo√© Kardashian. A comparison that flattered the actress: “She is sublime. It’s not wanted, but I’m honored to receive this kind of compliments,” she told the American site TMZ.

Planet invites you to discover the appalling metamorphosis of Tori Spelling, from her debut on the small screen to today.